Permanent Seminar

The Permanent Seminar entitled “THE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE COMPANY IN COMPETITIVE AND GLOBAL ENVIRONMENTS: REFLECTIONS ABOUT THE ROLE AND THE TRAINING OF THE HUMAN RESOURCES” aims to be a space of meeting, training, and exchange of ideas; it is addressed to strengthen and to improve the skills of the persons who carry out or want to carry out in the future their work in the areas of Economy and Business. This seminar uses the analysis of updated information, the exchange of experiences and the preparation of diagnoses of situation and of future proposals of action.

Its targets are:

  • To reflect on the role that the higher education plays in the development of the managerial competences of those who are employed at highly competitive, global, respectful companies with the environment and those who are aware of their social responsibility.
  • To update the knowledge about the last advances in the areas of leadership and management, especially for those persons who have finished their studies at the university.
  • To exchange experiences and knowledge that could contribute to a better performance of their managerial responsibilities.
  • To develop the necessary skills in order to boost and to manage the changes that are considered necessaries in the managerial topics.
  • To develop and to strengthen the cooperation between the researchers and teachers of the University of Alicante, especially those most related to the Faculty of Economic and the businessmen of the province.
  • To improve the image of the University in front of the Alicante managerial organizations.
  • To agglutinate successful experiences on the subject of competencies training, and to search for strategies to put together the Higher education and the labor world.
  • To prepare jointly diagnoses of situation and action proposals to improve the competitiveness of the productive sectors, respecting the environment and increasing the social responsibility of the companies.

The seminar is aimed at:

  • Entrepreneurs and Executives of the province of Alicante.
  • Alumni of UA currently holding positions related with Economics and Business.
  • Students from the last years of career or graduate programs.
  • Teachers and university researchers, especially those related to Economics, Law and Engineering.